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Fariha and some other fabulous lady writers (Sara McCulloch and Haley Mlotek) have launched a Kickstarter for “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantazine” a one-off fanzine/critical journal on Kanye West. I think it’s genius! Check out the video. 

HEY GUYS I HAVE A KICKSTARTER to fund the KANYE ZINE I wanna make with some of my fave ladies! Check out the details and DONATE IF YOU WANT! There are gunna be some great writers involved, like: Rembert Browne, Anupa Mistry, Rawiya Kaweir, Sasha Frere-Jones and even an Introduction by Ayesha A. Siddiqi! 

Even if you can’t donate, please circulate! 


Have fun by kosakowska on Flickr.


Have fun by kosakowska on Flickr.

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Boom! Told ya ass a new episode was coming!!! On this week’s podcast, we talk about misconceptions about Gaza (1:30), Marvel’s announcements of a female Thor and black Captain America (8:00), the dismal few weeks in black, brown, and yellow face fuckery (13:00 Exodus,The Mikado, Jonah from Tonga, etc), the bravery of Jada (25:00 rape tw), and the addictive pleasures of Kim Kardashian: Hollywood (37:00). Oh and if you enjoy this episode like it, reblog it, tweet it, FB it, and email it to your mom!

Happy Sunday!

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pretty proud of my brown ass jesus comment tbh

do you tho?

do you tho?

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Forty Nine People’s Meditation, 2004, Ahn, Chang Hong

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Ghanian photographer Philip Kwame Apagya

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Meena Kumari in साहिब बीबी और ग़ुलाम Sahib Bibi Aur Ghulam (dir. Abrar Alvi, 1962)

vul-va on my dash again…

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